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Bridges, Highways, Roads

Connecting the Economy

Bridges, Highways, Roads

Roads, Highways, and Bridges are an important lifeline for economic prosperity because they are the arteries that connect every aspect of American life. Not only are jobs directly created by the initial construction project and maintenance but all jobs in the area rely on well-maintained roads. Good roads are also important to attracting new businesses and jobs to communities. The economy cannot function unless we invest in our road system.

Here are some projects we believe in:

Interstate 73

This proposed highway would connect Roanoke, VA with North Carolina and create a vital high speed connection which would boost the economy for both.

Read more: Interstate 73 funding gains traction in General Assembly | Roanoke Times | January 25, 2017

King Coal Highway (KCH)

The KCH would connect Williamson and Bluefield with a much needed 4 lane highway bringing infrastructure and easing travel to West Virginia.

Read more: King Coal Highway Authority