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Support the Mountain Valley Pipeline

We need new jobs and an improved economy.  One project now being considered, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, would do both. But recent media coverage in the Roanoke Times has said the pipelines would not benefit Virginians.  They are wrong and they are ignoring the citizens of the state who are desperate for jobs and improved infrastructure. It’s time to speak up.

Use the links below to write your local papers about bringing jobs and infrastructure to the area.


Some points to consider making your letter about why the Pipeline is important to our state:

  • Will generate tax revenue for better roads, schools, improved public services
  • Clean, abundant energy – the energy of the future
  • Create thousands of good paying jobs
  • The safest way to deliver energy
  • There is a big demand for natural gas
  • We can convert hundreds of county vehicles to natural gas saving close to $700,000 a year
  • Strict federal and state oversight

Some other useful facts:

  • The pipeline will create 4,400 jobs!
  • Plan is to begin construction by end of this year and complete by end of next year.
  • It has the best safety record of any energy delivery system (source:  National Transportation Safety Board)
  • Pipeline will attract new industry here needing clean, affordable energy.
  • More than $30 million a year in new tax revenue will be generated from the pipeline for better roads and schools, improved public services.
  • Protecting the environment – the pipeline will respect wildlife and watershed conservation.
  • Supporting our communities – builders of the pipeline will partner with fire departments, emergency responders, economic development councils and chambers of commerce, helping emergency services, community festivals, food banks, local museums, cultural events.